Non-Sequiturs: 11.17.10

Meet the Palins.

* The producers of South Park are being sued for copyright infringement. You bastards! [THR, Esq. / Hollywood Reporter]

* “Beware the Male Foreign Associate: He Quotes, He Gropes, He Elopes.” [Last Day at the Office Emails]

* Law prof Ann Althouse comes to the defense of the Palin family. [Althouse]

* Collected commentary on those controversial whole-body imaging systems (aka “naked body scanners”). Does the “SA” in “TSA” stand for “sexual assault”? [Infamy or Praise]

* For those of you who have been following L’Affaire Four Loko, check out the FDA smackdown letter. [Food and Drug Administration]

* Remember Google’s gay gross-up? Barclays is doing it too. Will law firms follow suit? [Bucks / New York Times]

* They like things big in Texas — and that includes law firms. McGuireWoods expands in the Lone Star State. [McGuireWoods]

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