Non-Sequiturs: 11.30.10

Usually, the green pallor doesn't set in until she's been an associate for a year.

* Some tips for people who need to look older so potential employers and clients will take them seriously. Or you could actually live a little and let nature do her thing. [Corporette]

* Law as a business will survive this recession. Law as a profession probably won’t, not at the prices these law schools are charging. [My Law License via ABA Journal]

* Now that they’re getting a pay freeze, I expect the SEC porno-per-regulation ratio to shift even more heavily towards porn. [Dealbreaker]

* Lawyers need to be great at customer service. Having legs is optional with today’s modern advances. [What About Clients?]

* Remember that little wrinkle in world history where every civilized western nation had banned slavery except the United States? I thought about that when I read that the U.K. banned the exports of lethal injection drugs to America. Are we going to have to fight over this or can we peacefully agree that the Eighth Amendment is enough? [WSJ Law Blog]

* Above the Law has been nominated in the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 contest. Thanks to all the readers who support us, and of course the ones who vote for us. Check out the full Blawg 100. Above the Law is in the news category. But if you if you click over to the niche category, you’ll notice that Kashmir Hill’s excellent work on privacy matters has also earned a much deserved nomination. [ABA Journal]

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