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NY Bar Exam Results Up Briefly on NY BOLE Website

Okay, July New York Bar Exam takers, we don’t know much — but here’s what we know.

For about an hour, the results of the New York Bar Exam appeared on the official site of the New York Board of Law Examiners (NY BOLE). This was a surprise. Results aren’t expected to be released until next week.

And the results appeared legit to me…

UPDATE: We’ve got statements from the New York Board of Law Examiners now, and we have a screen grab…

One person I know who I believe sat for the bar this July was on the list. My friend passed. Yay. But as I was fashioning the congratulatory email, the list disappeared. As far as anyone can tell, the results are now gone. The links for the individual names send you to a “page not found” screen.

I called NY BOLE, but I’m getting a busy signal. I didn’t even know those things existed anymore. So either they are being inundated with calls right now, or we are enduring a solar storm that will destroy all communications and send us back into the dark ages.

So that’s all we know. What do you guys know? I’ll update the post if I can track down anything else about this apparent mishap.

UPDATE: A person who claims to know “how these things work” just texted me to say “good chance that the accidentally published list was incomplete, but not substantially.” Apparently BOLE might still be in the mode of “double checking” but it’s unlikely that large groups of people did pass yet were not already included on the passage list.

Again, that’s according to one guy, no official or unofficial word from BOLE yet.

UPDATE: Okay, I just got off the phone with a spokesperson for the New York Board of Law Examiners, who told me:

“We didn’t post any results.”

“We have not distributed any results.”

“The results must have come from somewhere else.”

When I asked if she had any theories to explain why the results were in fact posted, on the NY BOLE official website, for over a half an hour, she said “no.”

So, that’s their story. I guess we’re supposed to blame it on a malicious, anonymous internet hacker with questionable motives? Your guess is as good as mine. Or BOLE’s, at this point.

UPDATE: I’ve been kicking myself for not snapping a screen shot of a list of names when I had the chance. I’ve been sitting here thinking, “Man, how I can prove these results were up?” I’ve been doing all that while staring right at the screen that says: JULY 2010 BAR EXAM PASS LIST. I never backed out of that screen, only the internal link that lists actual names. BOLE has now removed that screen from its website too — however, this time, I did snap a screen shot:

UPDATE (2:05 PM): Check out the list of names that appeared on the NY BOLE website earlier today.

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