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Update: Judge Jack Camp to Plead Guilty

We’ve covered in loving detail the alleged misadventures of Judge Jack Camp (N.D. Ga.). As you may recall, Judge Camp is the Atlanta federal judge who stands accused of purchasing and enjoying illegal drugs. And purchasing — and presumably enjoying — illegal sex, from an exotic dancer named Sherry Ann Ramos.

Last month, Judge Camp’s attorney stated that His Honor planned to plead not guilty. The possibility of seeing Judge Camp back in the courtroom, but maybe in an orange jumpsuit rather than a black robe, got us all excited.

But it now appears that the judge has had a change of heart. Much to the dismay of trial-seeking AUSAs around the country, defendants plead, they always plead….

And it looks like Judge Camp is no exception. The 67-year-old jurist will plead guilty tomorrow in federal court (N.D. Ga.), according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“We’ve reached a mutually agreeable resolution of the case,” Atlanta attorney Bill Morrison said Thursday.

Morrison would not disclose the specific charges his client would plead guilty to.

Camp is scheduled to enter his plea before Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan, a judge from Washington who was assigned the case when the federal judges in Atlanta recused themselves from Camp’s case. Hogan disclosed Thursday on the court’s docket that Camp was scheduled to plead guilty on Friday.

We’ll keep you posted as to subsequent developments, especially sentencing. We’re sure that some people — e.g., the defendant quoted here, who received a harsh sentence from Judge Camp — are dying to find out what he’ll get.

UPDATE: For an account of the plea hearing and discussion of Judge Camp’s likely sentence, see this Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece.

Federal judge to plead guilty in drug case [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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