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Another Lawyer Bites The Dust – Gets Caught With a Prostitute

This has not been a great day for lawyers in Indiana. Another Hoosier lawyer, this time at Barnes & Thornburg, just received a public reprimand for patronizing a prostitute (we’re only doing our part to aid in the shaming).

From the National Law Journal (via the ABA Journal):

The Indiana Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded a Barnes & Thornburg attorney for patronizing a prostitute in February.

Hiroaki Nishikawara, of counsel in the law firm’s Indianapolis office, received the reprimand after the court approved an agreement between him and the state’s attorney disciplinary commission. Nishikawara entered into a plea agreement for committing a class A misdemeanor. The agreement required him to perform six hours of community service and attend an impact panel proceeding. The court noted that he had completed the requirements and had no prior criminal history.

Nishikawara declined to comment about the reprimand.

OK, lawyers I get it. You work ridiculously long hours and it’s really hard to meet women at 3 a.m. when you’re ambling out of work. You’ve tried your sweet charm on your secretary and failed.

But the one thing working 89 hours a day has provided you with is money. So hey, at least you can use that.


WRONG. Hasn’t Eliot Spitzer taught you anything? Besides, Nishikawara, you’re from Japan – if you were going to pull this kind of stupidity, why would you not do it on international shores?

Again, I’m not condoning the act — but how stupid do you have to be to get caught? It’s not like Fox News is waiting on your door with a contract.

Should this guy lose his job over this? Probably not. Doesn’t getting laid just increase one’s “honesty” and “trustworthiness or fitness,” to be fair? Well, unless he’s getting fired for being a moron. Because, then, by all accounts, he should be out of the door.

Barnes & Thornburg attorney disciplined for hiring prostitute [National Law Journal]
Barnes & Thornburg Lawyer Reprimanded for Patronizing a Prostitute [ABA Journal]

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