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Cuckolded Spouse Gets Revenge on SMU Law School Lovers

One Dedman School of Law student may be a dead man. He may have picked the wrong person’s wife to have an affair with.

Here’s the set-up: a husband suspects that his wife, a student at SMU Law School, is cheating on him with another SMU Law student.

So the husband sets up a video camera in the SMU Law parking garage… and hilarity ensues.

Oh, and did I mention that the cuckolded husband apparently has cancer? And that his wife looks like a blond hottie? Yeah, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing you’d expect to happen in Texas.

Of course there’s video of the whole thing, which you MUST check out….

The husband put his revenge on YouTube. Here’s his explanation of what you are about to see:

A husband, literally dying of Stage 4 cancer, suspects his wife [Redacted] is cheating on him with a classmate [Redacted] and confronts the couple; they swear they are just friends. Husband then catches them again, in the basement parking lot of Southern Methodist University, and decides he’s had enough… see a short clip of what happens next. IT’S FUN!

Did these kids take SMU’s Test Drive program a little too literally?

In any event, “FUN” severely undersells this clip:

I guess these students were absent on the day they taught “parking garage justice” in Family Law.

UPDATE: There’s more over at Crime & Federalism, including larger photos of the alleged cheaters (and additional information about the husband and wife — such as the fact that they have a three-year-old son together).

Husband w/ cancer decides he’s had enough of cheating wife [YouTube]

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