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Why Did the Bedbug Cross the Road — and Enter New York Law School?

Yesterday we received this horrified email from a law student at Seton Hall: “Have recently been informed that NYLS has bedbugs. EWWW!”

When you’re the object of scorn emanating from Newark, you know you’ve got problems. [FN1]

But the news appears to be true. Yesterday the New York Law School community was notified of a possible bedbug issue, by email (reprinted after the jump).

The good news: it doesn’t seem like a major infestation (at least not yet). According to the NYLS memo, “A single bed bug was recently spotted in the entry area of the C building.”

What brought this lonely little bedbug to NYLS? Here are some theories….

  • He just wanted to be cool. Maybe he was a Columbia Law School bedbug who realized he needed to live below 14th Street — or in Brooklyn, with his bedbug brethren — in order to be truly hip.
  • He’s an aspiring tax lawyer. Earlier this year, NYLS beat out NYU for having the top tax LL.M. program in New York.
  • He’s an apsiring cupcake baker. In an odd coincidence, two of New York’s top cupcake entrepreneurs are NYLS alumni. Mia Bauer, of Crumbs Bake Shop, and Lev Ekster, of CupcakeStop, both got their JDs at New York Law School.
  • He’s looking for work. And is desperate enough to respond to this help wanted ad.
  • He’s attracted to intelligence. And wants to hang out with all the MENSA members at NYLS. Is that so wrong?

If you have other theories about why this sole bed bug wandered into 185 West Broadway, feel free to share them.

Good luck, NYLS folks. We might joke about bedbugs in these pages, but only because we are deathly afraid of them and need a way to cope with our fear.

[FN1] Hey, I can make Newark jokes. I worked there for a few years, unlike Conan O’Brien.


From: Nancy Guida
Subject: Bed Bug Inspections
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010

Dear NYLS Community,

A single bed bug was recently spotted in the entry area of the C building. In order to fully assess the situation, we are scheduling experts to inspect our buildings as soon as possible. We will do our best to have inspections take place during the least intrusive times possible. The community will be informed of the outcome and any follow-up that may be required.

In the meantime, if you notice anything resembling a bed bug at the Law School (see images and information here), please contact the Office of Maintenance and Operations at [redacted] or inform one of our security officers.

Feel free to contact me or Fred DeJohn with questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Nancy Guida/VP, Marketing and Communications/New York Law School/185 West Broadway/New York, NY 10013-2921

(hidden for your protection)

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