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A Request from Chief Judge Alex Kozinski

The Honorable Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, has a favor to ask of Above the Law readers….

Yesterday we linked to a page on the Ninth Circuit website, collecting photographs from federal courthouses around the country with flags lowered to half-mast, in memory of Chief Judge John Roll of Arizona and the other victims of the shootings in Tucson last Saturday.

Earlier today, Chief Judge Kozinski sent me the following message:

David: If you should write or tweet again about the flags, could you encourage your readers to send in pictures of their local federal courthouse with the flag at half mast? The pictures we are getting are still trickling in but there must be scores of other courthouses out there where no one has sent in a picture.

If they do take a picture, and the flag is visible at half mast, please have them e-mail it to me with an indication of the locality or name of the courthouse, and I’ll make sure it goes up on the web page asap.

You can send your photographs to Judge Kozinski by email: alex at kozinski dot com. Thanks in advance for your help.

Chief Judge Kozinski and retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spoke with the New York Times about Chief Judge Roll in the wake of his tragic death. You can read their remarks here.

The funeral for Judge Roll is taking place tomorrow in Tucson. Details are available here.

UPDATE: A message of thanks from Chief Judge Kozinski, along with an update, can be found here.

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