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Rahm Emanuel Booted From Chicago Ballot

An appellate panel voted 2-1 today to kick former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel off of the ballot for the Chicago mayoralty elections. The majority concluded that Emanuel didn’t meet the residency requirements.

What happens next?

Expect an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court — and soon. The primary is on February 22nd.

And since we’re dealing with the notoriously hot-tempered Emanuel, expect somebody to be found bleeding on the streets of Chicago with an appellate decision shoved up his rectum.

Kevin Forde -- Let's just hope he packed his passport in his getaway bag.

Emanuel’s attorney, solo practitioner Kevin Forde, argued the case for the would-be mayor — meaning right now I wouldn’t want to be Kevin Forde, his child, or his pet. The safest place in America right now is anywhere Kevin M. Forde is not.

I cannot wait for what almost has to be Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week that will no doubt involve Andy Samberg reenacting today’s events.

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