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Commonwealth v. Ung: A Morning-After Linkwrap

Gerald Ung (left) and Eddie DiDonato (right)

Judging from the comments section of our last story about Gerald Ung — which is still active, like a volcano — many of you are still interested in talking about the Temple Law student shooter. Even though Ung was quickly acquitted of all charges arising out of the January 2010 shooting of Edward DiDonato Jr., the trial goes on — in the court of public opinion.

We’ve selected a handful of stories from the avalanche of news and blogosphere coverage that we believe merit your attention. You can check them out — one of them reveals what Gerald Ung’s future plans are, while another has the reaction to the verdict of Eddie DiDonato’s father, a prominent partner at Fox Rothschild — after the jump.

ADA Jan McDermott

1. Ex-Temple Law student not guilty in shooting []: This excellent, short video features interviews with the prosecutrix, assistant district attorney Jan McDermott, and Ung’s defense lawyer, the legendary Jack McMahon. It also reveals that Gerald Ung plans to resume his legal studies. (If Ung ends up apprenticing with McMahon, the brilliant criminal defense lawyer who saved him from prison, that’s a TV show right there.)

2. A Toter’s Worst Nightmare [Snowflakes in Hell]: Sebastian, who writes for a pro-gun-rights blog in Pennsylvania, offers a fascinating shooter’s-eye-view of the Ung case — facts that were good for Ung, facts that were bad, and practical advice for fellow “toters.”

3. DiDonato vs. Ung, or Vice Versa? Civil Lawsuits After A Criminal Acquittal [Litigation and Trial]: Philadelphia litigator Max Kennerly evaluates possible civil actions that might arise out of the shooting. He considers claims that DiDonato might bring against Ung — and, interestingly enough, a claim that Ung might bring against DiDonato.

4. Jury finds Ung not guilty of all charges in shooting of former lacrosse standout DiDonato []: This lacrosse news site — which has done a fine job of covering this case over the past year, thoroughly and surprisingly even-handedly (given its obvious pro-LAX bias) — obtained reaction to the verdict from Edward DiDonato Sr.

Defense lawyer Jack McMahon

The trial may have ended with an acquittal, but as Jack McMahon observed when interviewed outside the courthouse, it’s clear that there are no winners here. Eddie DiDonato Jr. has four bullets lodged in him and suffers from partial paralysis of the lower extremities. Gerald Ung, taken away from his legal studies, has also had to endure a year of hell — judging from his demeanor during and after the trial, he too seems completely traumatized.

We’re working on a few possible Ung-related stories. If you have information that hasn’t appeared in the public record yet, please feel free to email us or text us (646-820-TIPS / 646-820-8477). Thanks for all your help in covering this case.

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