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Howrey Going To Get Out of Here?

A report surfaced yesterday claiming that Howrey has now more or less given itself an end date: March 1, according to the report on Shark Tank Legal.

Partners who have received offers to join Winston & Strawn are expected to accept them by March 1st. After that, Howrey will be in full dissolution mode.

Even Howrey people must want this thing to just be over already. But before the end, we could see more ugliness, like segregated floors to keep the partners with safe landing spots safe from their desperate colleagues…

If you judge people based on how they treat others in times of stress, Howrey partners are going to be judged harshly:

Sources say that the group of Howrey lawyers who have done plaintiff’s work, mostly in large securities related class actions, will be moving to Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, a flamboyant firm known for its far flung discrimination suits against the very businesses Howrey has mostly represented. “This would cause the firm founders to vomit for weeks,” said one partner. “But now it’s every man and woman for himself.”

The source said that for the partners not accepting Winston offers, “it is going to be a mad scramble.” For one thing, non Winston, ex-Howrey partners, will be asked to leave the premises, or perhaps segregated on one floor, as they will not be able to mingle with their former partners, now rivals.

Wow, if soon-to-be Winston partners at Howrey are thinking of segregating out other partners, what are they going to do with Howrey associates? Lock them in steerage?

It all sounds like a pretty sad state of affairs for the once-proud firm. Try to enjoy your three day weekend, Howrey folks. It looks like hell will still be waiting for you on Tuesday.

Howrey’s Last March [Shark Tank Legal]

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