Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 02.08.11

* Frank McCourt’s lawyers at Bingham have lawyered up in an attempt to dodge responsibility for their royal screwup in his divorce. Dodge. Get it? I spit hot fire. [Los Angeles Times]

* In other garbage baseball team news, David Wright says the Madoff lawsuit will have an effect on Mets players. When you’re a Met, you can’t have too many excuses. [ESPN]

* Patton Boggs has filed suit against Chevron and their counsel at Gibson Dunn as part of an ongoing lawsuit that accuses Chevron of raping Ecuador. Raping figuratively, I think? I think that’s right. [Wall Street Journal]

* The Google executive imprisoned in Egypt was released yesterday. He immediately sent out a tweet that said “Freedom is a bless that deserves fighting for it. That said, I think I’ll just be evil now. It’s easier.” [New York Times]

* Immigration law is the hot new practice. Brown is the new black. [Kansas City Star]

* Yakima, Washington succeeds in crushing Man’s dream of getting coffee with one cream, two sugars, and extra butt cheeks. [ABA Journal]

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