Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 02.28.11

* An Indianapolis man is suing a strip club because he got hit in the face by a flying shoe from one of the dancers. Charisma, Chastity, Fantasia, Kia, Optima, Cinnamon, Destiny, Porsche, Angel, Cherry, Buckcherry, Jenna, Nina Nipples, Coco, and Kid Rock had no comment. [Indianapolis Star]

* Something called Indiana Tech is mulling over whether to open a law school. Someone called Elie just threw up in his mouth a little. [The Journal Gazette]

* A New Orleans lawyer was suspended for advising his client to misspell his own name on a bankruptcy petition. The client, Mike Hunt, was willing to go to great lengths to avoid ridicule. [WSJ Bankruptcy Beat]

* Howrey possibly expected to keep coming up with plays on their name? [Washington Post]

* DOMA Arigato, Mr. Obama? [New York Times]

* “Pipe dreams of NJ’s wacky-weed wannabes.” [New York Post]

* A Jacksonville lawyer has dropped his slogan “Men Only. Family Law Only.” after complaints from the Florida Bar. He’s hopeful that his new slogan, “He-Man Woman Haters Club”, will pass muster. [Miami Herald]

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