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Musical Chairs: More Howrey Departures

We’re hearing rumors about a few additional departures from Howrey….

Please note that this has not yet been confirmed, but word on the street is that Barbara Werther has notified her partners in the Construction practice group that she and some of her colleagues in government contracts are leaving the firm (and not for Winston & Strawn, which has offers pending before about 75 percent of Howrey partners).

Where are they going? Not clear. One source claims that they’re joining Ober|Kaler, a firm with about 125 attorneys in the D.C. / Baltimore area.

Werther and John Wolf, chairman of Ober|Kaler, did not respond to our requests for comment. A spokesperson for Howrey declined to comment.

UPDATE (4/5/11): All in all, Barbara Werther, fellow Howrey partner Stephen Palley, and three other Howrey construction lawyers ended up joining Ober|Kaler.

If you have information about Howrey to share, please email us, subject line “Howrey,” or text us (646-820-TIPS). Thanks.

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