Non-Sequiturs 02.23.11

* There’s poor taste, there’s bad taste, and then there’s whatever the hell was going through the heads of the sick bastards who came up with this advertisement for legal services. [Ross’s Law Marketing Blog]

* Dear state attorneys general, please be careful about whom you hire as deputies. If you didn’t learn from Andrew Shirvell, take this guy, Jeffrey Cox of Indiana, as a “teachable moment.” [MSNBC]

* Duke managed to rope AIG into the Duke lacrosse/stripper-thing/race war. [Dealbreaker]

* Could a law professor make it as a reality TV star? [Legal Skills Prof Blog]

* Boston woman who lost her snake on the subway now says she can’t afford the MBTA’s cleaning bill. But she would like the MBTA people to take a bite out of a delicious apple she found. [CBS Boston via @bobambrogi]

* Even if “Watson” could be a more proficient legal blogger than I am, he’ll never have my flair. [Infamy or Praise]

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