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Proof That the Legal Job Market Still Sucks

It’s a little risqué, so we’ve placed it after the jump. If your sensibilities are delicate or you don’t like crudeness, please stop reading here.

Okay, here’s the text of the San Francisco Craigslist posting (screencap posted at end, in case it gets yanked):

hot guy looking to give a blowjob to a lawyer – 28 (financial district)

I’m 5’8″, in shape, professional, educated. Looking to suck off a guy with a nice dick and a full load of cum for me to eat.

Not sure why one needs to be “professional” and “educated” in order to do that, but whatever.

A huge positive is if you can get me a job interview at a law firm. I’m a recent law school grad from nationally ranked top tier school, I have passed the CA bar, and I have not found a job yet. Any partners out there need a suck boi who can also do legal research and writing? :)

Open to non-law dick too. LOL. Love to suck. Please be totally safe, clean, and STD free like me. If you can host in the downtown area, that is a plus too.

A hot and horny young man with impeccable legal research skills? We’re reminded of this classic post from 2007: Ever Heard of the Term ‘Blue(book) Balls’?

If the poster is willing to do more than just oral, then we might be able to get him more than just an interview. How about five grand, right now?

It’s too bad the poster isn’t in D.C.; then he could hook up with this randy law firm partner.

And it’s too bad the poster isn’t in Los Angeles. Down in L.A., there are current job postings for lawyers willing to get on their knees and take it.

P.S. In comments to some of our prior Craigslist posts, readers have asked how we can tell the difference between “legitimate” Craigslist sex ads and ones posted as pranks (perhaps in the hopes of catching a blogger’s eye). The answer: we can’t, really.

It’s certainly not possible in the case of this ad: I live in New York, and the poster is in San Francisco. If we lived in the same city, I’d be more than happy to meet up with him in person and probe his bona fides….

hot guy looking to give a blowjob to a lawyer – 28 (financial district) [Craigslist – San Francisco]
ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY/ LAW CLERK (West Los Angeles) [Craigslist – Los Angeles]

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