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How to Become an (Almost) Indispensable Junior Associate
(Part 5)

In the first four parts of the Career Center “Tip of the Day” series, focused on how junior associates can become more indispensable to their law firms, we covered the importance of taking ownership of your work, becoming an expert in your field, developing effective management strategies, and the knowing the local rules of court and the judge’s chambers rules.

Today’s final tip focuses on developing relationships with clients….

As a junior associate, you’ll want to begin building relationships with the more junior people you work with outside the firm, e.g., your clients’ in-house counsel and associates at private equity firms. Being responsive, friendly, communicative, and able to chat with them for a minute or two — basically, getting them to remember that they like working with you — can go a long way. As you (and they) become more senior, having good, established relationships with them will help you bring in business in the future.

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These tips are provided by the experienced recruiters at Lateral Link, who, in addition to providing sound career advice, can advance your career by consulting with you on the hundreds of law firm and in-house positions they have in their network.

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