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Law School Apologizes to Students For Weak Job Listing

Earlier today, we reported on the illustrious position of “dude who puts litter on parked cars,” which was being offered to jobless students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

This wasn’t the first terrible job being offered to law students we’ve posted about. And sadly, it probably won’t be the last. But perhaps we’ve gotten to the point where these kinds of jobs are so pathetic that law school administrations are starting to feel bad about it.

We just received word that the Pitt Career Services Office has officially apologized to students for presenting them with such a terrible option…

Here’s the official explanation and apology from Pitt Law:

Dear Pitt Law Students:

I’m emailing because an erroneous posting on the Pitt Law Symplicity job posting site has been publicized on the blog Above the Law, and I owe you an explanation and apology.

Over the past several months the CSO has been scouring a variety of national sources to provide more opportunities for our students via Symplicity. Last Friday, we received a number of requests through Symplicity for job postings and Fall OCI. I approved several records without reading them carefully enough and inadvertently approved a job posting from a firm that was soliciting students as flyer distribution workers.

I take full responsibility for this error. I regret that the error reflects poorly on our school and may have caused students embarrassment or distress. I assure you that in the future the Career Services Office will do everything we can to ensure the appropriateness and accuracy of postings.


Don Rieley

Career Service

Props to Pitt Law’s CSO for owning up to and apologizing for its mistake so promptly. All too many law school career services offices react defensively instead of apologetically when called out for their errors.

At the end of the day, though, it won’t be “embarrassment or distress” that keeps Pitt 3Ls awake at night. They need jobs. Real jobs that will allow them to make real money. That’s what Pitt Law students are really looking for.

Good luck; the legal economy is improving. Hopefully there will be some legitimate opportunities soon.

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