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Lawyer of the Month: February Reader Poll

On Twitter, somebody told me that “February is the Monday of months.” So true. For such a short month, February just drags on and on and on. Maybe it does make sense to dump Black History Month in February, because the month is like the freaking Middle Passage, bringing us to the tyranny of hay-fever season.

In any event, now that it’s over, let’s take a look back at the lawyers who made news in the month of February and ask you to pick a Lawyer of the Month. Just like last month, there are no specific criteria — just vote for the lawyer or lawyers you think most deserve the title.

Let’s get to this month’s nominees….

Here are this month’s finalists, in alphabetical order:

  • Rishi Bhandari: Bhandari is the New York lawyer who sued over 109 square feet that were missing from his condo. Lawyers, baby, the natural enemies of landowners.
  • Madam Justice Lori Douglas: Here’s the rule: if we have to do a 14-page slideshow featuring your naked bondage pictures, you are automatically nominated for Lawyer of the Month. People have made a lot of jokes about Douglas’s physical appearance (and Lat has had defensive wounds on his eyes since he tastefully redacted all of her pictures), but I don’t think any of this impacts on Douglas’s ability to be a judge.
  • Joseph Flom: The last surviving name partner at Skadden passed away this month. In his death, we’ve all been able to reflect on his full life. He’s reminded us all of a time when Jewish-Americans were excluded from top firms — and did something about that.
  • Robert F. Ruyak: Ruyak is the managing partner of Howrey — a firm that still exists as of this writing. How much longer it exists is anyone’s guess. But Robert Ruyak deserves recognition, of some sort, for being in the captain’s chair as Howrey does whatever the hell it’s going to do.

Who was this month’s Lawyer of the Month? Vote in the poll below. Voting ends on Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

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