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Law School Party Follow Up — Now With Art

Prom date Ken probably doesn't know anything about sex in the stacks either.

Last week, we wrote about the crazy party at the “Over the Hump” law prom of UC Davis Law.

Many Davis commenters chimed in to say that the party really wasn’t all that crazy. That’s not surprising. If you go to a party that’s off the hook, only you didn’t witness or experience anything particularly memorable, it’s natural to downplay events. Better to accuse some people of “exaggerating” than to acknowledge the fact that you just missed out.

Luckily, a few additional King Hall students emailed us, stood up to our cross-examination, and shared some additional fun details about the dance.

One person even shared a picture, and I have to say there is definitely some “talent” at UC Davis…

I’m not sure if this picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s nice to get a visual on what we’re talking about here:

That doesn’t look so bad. There are about 20 empties or so on one table, and some lap-sitting — it seems tame. At least in the photo still. If you speed up the reel, you’d see some of the things that our tipsters describe. Of particular concern from our last post was the girl who fell and hurt her head in the bathroom. We’ve got some more details about that story now:

Just leaving the girl’s bathroom before that girl cracked her head in there. It was not her vomit she slipped in (wasn’t mine either!) Hilarious. But I shouldn’t laugh because she’s all concussed now :(

Other sources “100% confirm” that there was vomiting and slipping and pain in the ladies’ room. In fact, the girls in general had it rough. The event was held at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, and apparently the dance floor was really slick. Ladies in high heels were having some trouble. Maybe that’s one reason why hooking up in the stacks became a more viable option than dancing on the floor?

But the best new information is that the UC Davis Law School Association, the group of students that put on this event, kind of anticipated student shenanigans before the party took place. Here’s part of a pre-party email from the (apparently very well-liked) LSA president:

One more message, from all of LSA:

[Over the Hump] is a sparkling event whose splendor has only increased following its relocation to the beautiful Tsakopulos Galleria. [Redacted] have worked incredibly hard to ensure this is an evening to remember. I mean there’s going to be a video DJ.

OTH also involves many choices: Patent or print pumps? Four-in-hand or Windsor? How low should I go? LSA asks only that you make wise choices. For example, don’t drive drunk, don’t be a mess, and don’t make LSA track you down to make you pay damages. Armed with wise choices, OTH will be a just a blast.

We’re told that LSA will not be getting its security deposit back.

Still, it sounds like good times were had by all. Except perhaps by Ms. Concussion. And the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria owners and cleaning staff. And the people who had to drive the so-called “barf buses” back to campus at 2:00 a.m. And the UCD students who didn’t know people were getting busy in the stacks and now feel left out. But for everybody else, good times!

UPDATE: Lat here. There’s no denying that UC Davis law students know how to put on great events. Congratulations to the King Hall Legal Foundation on its tremendously successful spring charity auction, which was also held last week. We’re told the event featured “live classical and jazz bands, cocktail attire, and tens of thousands of dollars raised for students dedicating themselves to public interest law.”

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