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Finally! Pictures of the Unwelcoming African-Americans at Indy Law

You'll bump into more black people at the Indiana State Fair than you will at the Indy Law atrium.

If you had told me at the beginning of the week that something happening at Indiana School of Law – Indianapolis would turn into a three-day Above the Law story, I would have said, “No dude, I’m not going to race-bait the Jews during Passover.”

But it turns out that my powers of racial inflammation were not needed for this Indy Law story. A student writing as “Invisible Man” managed to stoke racial passions at the school simply by finding reverse racism where few others could: in the banners hanging in the law school’s atrium. Indy Law Dean Gary Roberts found the student’s objection essentially incomprehensible, but we haven’t actually seen the law school atrium, to judge for ourselves just how oppressive these banners of black people might be to the white students that make up 80% of the Indy Law student body.

Until now. Finally, tipsters send us photos of the atrium banners, to put this whole controversy into perspective. I hope you brought your magnifying glasses to work today…

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the pictures used in the atrium are the same ones being used on the IndyLaw website. But Invisible Man took exception to the “three giant banners depicting African-American males in the law school atrium.” Here, my friends, is the unwelcoming atrium:

That shot is from the far end of the hall. Up close, the banners are much more scary:

From the higher floors, it’s almost like the black people are looking right at you!

Sorry, I could do this all day. Invisible Man wrote: “The portraits and paintings in the law school sing the same song. It is a shame that the only place many groups see representation at the law school is with their reflection in the bathroom mirrors.” And these are the posters he’s talking about. Because of these four posters, he’s claiming that white students are underrepresented in the Indy Law atrium?

Truly, Invisible Man’s career is already off to an amazing start. Most likely, a minority “took” his spot at Yale, forcing him to go to Indy Law instead. Now he is being menaced by the faces of African-Americans all around him, and his career services office won’t help him get a job because he isn’t black. If he ever does get a job, I’m sure he’ll be passed over for great assignments and eventual promotion because his firm will need to pick a woman for “PC reasons.” I can only hope that all of this tragedy leaves him with ample time to comment on Above the Law.

Anyway, thanks to the overwhelming majority of white IndyLaw students who were just as annoyed by this guy as anybody (and brought these antics to our attention). Next time I’m in town, we’ve got to hit Broad Ripple and grab some beers.

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