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Further Adventures in Attorney Website Photos

Geoffrey Fieger

In the past, Above the Law has kindly taken the time to mock provide constructive feedback to firms that choose to take more unconventional approaches to their attorney website photos. Among our favorites have been the “body shots” of Ballard Spahr and Cox Smith.

Today’s installment of bad lawyer photography comes courtesy of a tipster who brought the website of Fieger Law to our attention. Fieger Law is headed up by none other than Geoffrey Fieger, who gained notoriety by repeatedly winning acquittals for Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, and by obtaining a $25 million verdict in the Jenny Jones case.

But life at Fieger Law isn’t all about trying serious cases. These lawyers have fun while loving the law!

In what I can only guess is an attempt at creativity, Fieger’s website photographer has abandoned all lessons learned in Photo Composition 101 in favor of a more… artistic approach. The result is a collection of lawyers peeking around edges of photos, missing foreheads, and appearing to fall out of frames.

But the fun photography doesn’t end with the off-kilter headshots. Check out some stellar action shots, after the jump….

In addition to off-center portraits, each Fieger attorney had to pose for a series of candid and action shots to be included with his or her bio. Now, this is where the photographer’s creativity really gets to shine. Some of my favorite poses include the “legal Heisman”, the “amateur stripper” and the classic “the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” shot.

It’s clear that the photographer also had some personal favorite poses. Some photography conventions are so good that they can’t be wasted by only being used once. At Fieger Law, these include the confidence-inspiring palm-to-forehead shot (seen here and here) and the hilarious “I’m going to hang myself with my tie” pose (here, here and here).

Only Fieger’s bio lacks the goofy candid photo shoot (although a moving montage of Fieger shots that sometimes appears in the site’s header more than makes up for this). Instead, Fieger’s bio is accompanied by an artsy headshot that is perhaps more reminiscent of Fieger’s rock star brotherDoug Fieger of The Knack, who co-wrote My Sharona — than a trial attorney who “has won more multimillion-dollar awards than any other attorney in the country.”

And just in case the candid shots don’t give you a sufficient understanding of what Fieger Law is all about, each attorney (again, save for Fieger) provides sound bites on the topics of Law, Life and Lessons. One associate in particular hammers home Fieger Law’s “Not Afraid to Win” philosophy:

I am a soldier who is engaged to go to war for my clients. I have a competitive fire which has raged white hot ever since I was a kid. I hate to lose! Ask my kids… even when playing a board game, I go for the jugular!

Because if your lawyers aren’t willing to trounce their kids at Candy Land, how can you be sure that they’re willing to fight for you?

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Natasha Lydon is a new writer here at Above the Law. She graduated from NYU Law School and spent years at a Vault top 50 law firm. Follow Natasha on Twitter, at @NJLydon, or email her, at natasha.j.lydon@gmail.com.

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