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Lawyer of the Month: We Like It When People Just Walk Away

So this month, we went out of our way to nominate potential Lawyers of the Month who were still breathing. The desire of our readers to bestow this honor posthumously is laudable, but we don’t want to this feature to end up like the “dead people” reel at the Oscars, where folks bet on which deceased celebrity will get the most applause.

Being forced to choose only among living candidates, Above the Law readers perhaps started another trend we’re sure to see in future Lawyer of the Month contests: they voted for a guy who is no longer a practicing attorney…

The Above the Law Lawyer of the Month for March is Tyler Coulson. Tyler is not here to accept his award because he is busy walking across America with his dog.

Coulson won by a comfortable margin. He wasn’t the first lawyer to rise to Above the Law fame because of the manner in which he departed. (It saddens me that there are readers who don’t remember Shinyung Oh’s triumphant farewell.)

And Coulson won’t be the last — but he will be one of the more inspiring. Walking across America is the experience of a lifetime. If Coulson does ever get around to writing a book, I hope Lawyer of the Month can fit on the dust jacket.

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