Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 04.01.11

* Obamacare is going to the elderly Eleventh Circuit. [CNN]

* The New York Times should probably look at the calendar before they get punked again. [Popehat]

* Is it just me, or does the new dean over at BC Law bear a striking resemblance to Cleveland Brown? [National Law Journal]

* Some say that the law is a higher calling, but this Ave Maria professor just one-upped lawyers everywhere. [Naples Daily News]

* The heir to the King of Beers is being sued for negligently supervising his model girlfriend’s well-balanced diet of oxys and coke. [Washington Post]

* Another thing we can’t post on Facebook: sweet hairdos. This kid loses points for the purple Jolly Ranchers, though – they’re gross. [Daily Mail]

* Charlie Sheen is being sued for $20M. His defense? “I don’t know who this person is.” Is anyone really surprised by that? [Toronto Sun]

* Obviously, the right time to go to Yale Law School was 1870. [New York Times]

* A Wiccan TSA guard denies casting spells at work – she’d rather “put a spell on the balls.” I bet Christine O’Donnell would love to assist. [New York Daily News]

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