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Most Creative Way To Shame Your Office of Career Services

We spend a lot of time with soon-to-be-unemployed 3Ls who are looking for some way to express their dissatisfaction with their law school and the career services they received. When people pay or borrow over $100K for three years of legal education and their employment future still comes down to how they perform during McDonald’s supersized hiring day, it makes people bitter.

Recently, UVA Law students have been putting in requests to be named Kings of the Bitters. We understand that their T-shirt based protests continue (can a brother get a link to buy a shirt?). We don’t know how effective they’ve been at steering 0Ls away from UVA Law, but then again, it seems like the only thing that effectively impacts 0L decision making is more paperwork.

Once you get to law school, you realize that the important pieces of paper are the ones you get in the mail informing you whether or not you have a job. But many UVA Law students are receiving thin rejection letters. One student pushed all of his rejection papers together into perhaps the most creative display of student dissatisfaction we’ve seen during the recession.

The 3L has taken the marble facade off of one top law school, exposing the sad reality lying underneath…

This is what happens when skill in arts and crafts meets a bitter law student with time on his hands. Ladies and gentlemen, behold a model of the University of Virginia School of Law, made entirely out of employment rejection letters:

I can’t imagine the kind of focused bitterness and anal-retentive attention to detail required to put something like this together, but I’m positive there is a Biglaw firm who could have used this kid’s talents. If you are one of the firms that rejected this kid, you need to rethink your interviewing process and figure out how you missed out on this motivated, creative, and most likely slightly deranged individual. Tell me you wouldn’t want to go to war with the person who made this on your side as opposed to the enemy’s.

Here’s another view:

I can clearly make out Akin Gump and Baker Botts as two firms that missed a golden opportunity to hire some fresh blood.

In any event, this sets the bar pretty high for students who want to express their anger at their law schools. I think the next project we need to see is a diorama of a law school figuratively drowning in the suffering of its students.

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