Non-Sequiturs: 04.29.11

Best. Pro-Smoking Campaign. Ever.

* I want to smoke so badly. Maybe tonight will be the night that I light up again, and then continue until I die. But if I do, that’ll be my fault, not the tobacco companies’. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Mike Tyson’s face tattoo artist is holding up the release of Hangover II. Surely the Hangover people have enough to pay this guy to go away. [Gawker]

* Strippers to Minimum Wage! [Suits & Sentences]

* A wonderful visualization of law firm profitability and leverage. []

* If you understand Lord of the Rings, you can understand legal technology. [Law & Technology/Forbes]

* Additional thoughts on the earlier NALP panel on law firm transparency, from Mary Kate Sheridan of Vault. [Vault’s Law Blog]

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