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Ode to the Guy Stealing Power

We’ve done a lot of stories about alleged thievery at law schools and law firms, and we’ve posted many funny messages from the victims of these crimes looking to get their stuff back. But we haven’t seen anything this elegant before.

Law students tend to ask for their stuff back in an argumentative, logical way, as if they were asking for an order of replevin against the lost-and-found Gods. But at one top law school, a student made a prayer for relief that sounds a little bit more like a prayer, or at least a poem, than a legal argument.

Check it out — it’s really quite pretty…

Apparently one Vandy law student had her Mac power cable stolen from Hyatt (a classroom at Vanderbilt Law School, not a hotel). Instead of getting all legal, the alleged victim got literary. It’s a beautiful example of found poetry:

The original poem was written in 1934 by William Carlos Williams. But in it the poet is the thief, stealing plums, not apples. In this updated version, the Vanderbilt victim really turns it around on the thief.

Vanderbilt Law is truly breeding some renaissance lawyers.

UPDATE: We understand that the power cord has been found. Yay!

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