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One Person’s Law School ‘Decision’

Despite the waves of people trying to show me the humor and humanity of stomping a bird to death, I prefer my laughs to come in more traditional formats. Something light: like YouTube videos, made by prospective law students, that are both intentionally and unintentionally funny at the same time.

And it just so happens that I have the perfect thing. A prospective law student made a YouTube clip about his choice of where to go to law school. Yep, it’s the law school version of The Decision

This video has everything. It starts off as a straight parody of LeBron James’s video. As such, it’s okay; I particularly like it when he answers “real time” questions from fans.

But then it morphs into the prospective student earnestly thanking the various people who helped him make his decision. It’s sweet and looks totally genuine — and it’s freaking unintentionally hilarious. (There’s also a shout-out to the University of Alabama School of Law, which has recently been burning up our pages.)

The clip starts feeling a little long by the end, but you have to watch through to the end in order to find out where he’s going to law school. The reveal probably won’t shock people.

Enjoy. And Happy Easter. It’s certainly one of my favorite holidays; it’s the only time most people get to see a black Jesus!

UPDATE: Alas, it appears that the future law student has removed his video. If he wants to survive 1L year, he’ll need more guts than that.

The Decision (on law school) [YouTube]

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