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Our Long National Football Nightmare Is Not Over, But Maybe?

Earlier this evening, U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson (D. Minn.) ordered an end to the NFL lockout. Football is back on! Maybe! Or not! Not at all? Who knows?!?!?!

Yes, Judge Nelson ordered an end to the lockout today. Watching ESPN is like a trainwreck for those who crave certainty in their news reports. The NFL has already said it will appeal and seek a stay of Judge Nelson’s ruling.

If a stay is granted, well… we’re back to the lockout status quo. If a stay is not granted, then all hell will break loose and the NFL will be broken up into a bunch of Baby Bells? I think? I think that’s the implication of all the antitrust stuff that’s floating around?

The only thing everyone can agree on is that this ruling strengthens the players’ position in ongoing negotiations. There may be another uncapped season now? Or not? Players may start showing up to collect workout bonuses? Or not?

It’s hard to say, guys. My name’s not Adam Schefter. Or Lester Munson. I’m just passing on the word.

In the meantime, here’s a collection of links to the news.

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