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Shortest Deposition Ever

If you already know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry — I don’t have very much to add. The deposition is so damn short, the transcript doesn’t contain case-identifying information, and the pdf has been stripped of its metadata. Really, I only know what you know: a hilarious deposition took place earlier this month.

For those who are in the loop, there’s been this deposition making the rounds on various lawyer listserves. From what we can tell, it’s a real deposition in what appears to be a divorce or some other type of family-law proceeding. The deponent is named Kevin Phillip Gartner; of all the Kevin Gartners in Google, we can’t be sure of which one. The lawyer taking the deposition appears to be Denise Watson, a Jacksonville area lawyer. When I tried to contact her, I was told she is “unavailable, this week.” The lawyer valiantly trying to represent Kevin Gartner and defend the deposition is known only as “Mr. Dorsey.”

That’s all I got: a name, a no-comment, and the mysterious Mr. Dorsey. Normally, that wouldn’t be enough for a full post. But you’re going to want to see the depo transcript for yourself….

Here you go. Enjoy:

This Kevin guy sure seems unbalanced (indicating). Mr. Dorsey, it looks like you picked a winner!

If you have any more information about this proceeding, please let us know.

P.S. For other examples of classic depositions, see here (with video) and here (with discussion of breasts).

Earlier: Respectfully, I think he’s just referring to the fact that he can see your breasts.
Another Atypical Deposition

(hidden for your protection)

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