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ATL Webcast: Career Advice for This Summer (Part 5)

Does where you went to law school matter?

Law school deans — as well as other administrators, and law students — obsess over law school rankings. It’s understandable why deans fixate on rankings; for better or worse, it’s their job.

But what about law students? Should they put so much stock in rankings? Do people, specifically employers, pay too much attention to where an applicant went to law school?

May is graduation month. Once you’re out in the real world of legal employment, do folks actually care where you went to school? That’s the topic for the latest installment in the ATL career advice webcast, sponsored by the Practical Law Company: Does your law school matter?

The distinguished panelists:

Here’s the video, in which the panelists discuss whether your law school matters, and provide advice about preparing a résumé, interviewing, and picking the right courses in law school:

Thanks as always to our sponsor, the Practical Law Company. No matter where you attend law school, you can definitely benefit from what PLC has to offer. Check out their law school homepage to get a better sense of what they’re about (and to obtain a free copy of their Summer Associate Survival Guide).

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