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Biglaw Blind Item: In Biglaw You Deal With Big Money

Do you know why people go to law school? For most people, it’s not because they “love the law” or because they want to be part of the system of justice. It’s because they want to make money. Lots and lots of dirty, sexy money.

Granted, there are easier ways to make money in this world. You could work on your jumpshot. You could do… whatever it is they do in business school, between pub crawls masquerading as “networking events.” You could choose your parents wisely.

But still, if everything works out — and I mean everything — you might make an obscene amount of money in Biglaw. So much money that you can send around messages like this to your fellow attorneys….

A partner at a major law firm based in Chicago sent around one of those “friend needs an attorney”-type emails. You know the kind: my friend needs a lawyer/hotel recommendations/20-something with loose morals. But this message has a special turn of phrase:

From: (Chicago Partner)
To: +All Firm Lawyers
Subject: Financial Advisor In St. Louis

I am looking for a financial advisor in St. Louis to provide advice to a friend who is about to receive what, to her, is a huge amount of money (some $500g). Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Bang. That’s what I’m talking about. Living the dream is living in a world where half a million is only important to the little people.

Sure, thousands of people will lead themselves into financial distress trying to make it in Biglaw, but that’s the prize. Sitting in your office in Chicago and thinking of 500Gs as the sum you might lose in Vegas or might donate to a charity your spouse likes, but not a sum that’s worth writing more than two sentences about.

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