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Lawyer of the Month: Lots Of Things Mistrials Can Win You

April’s Lawyer of the Month victor won in a landslide. He’s also the first person to win the contest for his practice of law (as opposed to his death or his desire to quit the practice of law).

Yes, I think I speak for all legal bloggers out there by wishing April’s Lawyer of the Month a warm congratulations…

Our winner is Joseph Rakofsky. He claimed a hefty 59% of the vote, prevailing over William Dorsey, Mark Gold, and Ed Hastie (worthy competitors all).

If you want to know why Rakofsky, a 2009 graduate of Touro Law and a member of the New Jersey bar, is famous, read here.

If you want to know what Rakofsky is up to these days, read here.

We still have more than half the year to go, but right now Rakofsky has got to be the leader in the clubhouse for Lawyer of the Year. What an honor!

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