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More People Arrested For Dancing, In The Jefferson Memorial, On Memorial Day Weekend

As Walter Sobchak might say: Lady, I’ve got buddies who died face down in the muck so that I could enjoy the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the police arrested people for dancing in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Can you believe it? On the very weekend we are supposed to honor the sacrifices of our military, the police are going around and dishonoring the very ideals those men and women have fought and died for.

Unless you think we send our military all over the world so the nation’s capital can be a dance-free zone, like the town of Beaumont in freaking Footloose….

DCist has the report and the video of people being arrested for dancing in the memorial:

According to several reports across the internet, five protesters were arrested by U.S. Park Police at around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon in the Jefferson Memorial for dancing in silence. Touted as “civil danceobedience,” the dancers were there protesting a recent court decision earlier this month that upheld a ban on dancing within the memorial. Among those arrested were Adam Kokesh, the man forcefully arrested in the video, and Edward Dickey, the event organizer.

This ban disgusts me. Banning dancing anywhere is the sign of a totalitarian society devoid of civil liberties. To ban it in and around the monuments we’ve erected to celebrate our freedom is ironic. To arrest people for doing it on Memorial Day Weekend is gross and terrifying.

Let them dance. I don’t care if it’s the freaking Klu Klux Klan, in America people are allowed to dance in any public building they want!

Silent Dancing Protesters Arrested at Jefferson Memorial [DCist]

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