Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 05.19.11

* “Can’t fire me, cause I f**king quit.” Dominique Strauss-Kahn [BBC News]

* “Can’t fire me, cause I f**king quit.” Manhattan prosecutor Karen Friedman Agnifilo [Bloomberg]

* Rudy Giuliani elevated the perp walk to “an art form.” Reached for comment, Giuliani replied “9/11.” [Reuters]

* Goodwin Liu needs seven Republicans to cross party lines in order to advance his nomination to the federal bench. In related news, Goodwin Liu will not be confirmed to the federal bench. [Los Angeles Times]

* A law firm in Cleveland has developed an app that notifies potential hires when a job opens up at the firm. It’s called Angry Nerds. Bonus: Lat quotes! [Plain Dealer]

* Vivia Chen thinks Pepper Hamilton has the right idea about interviews. [The Careerist]

* Rosie Perez is suing the production companies behind Law & Order: SVU over injuries suffered during filming. In her complaint, the actress said a lot of legal-sounding junk in a really annoying voice. [New York Post]

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