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Nominees Needed For Best Fake Lawyer Bracket

If you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs, you know that there’s a new lawyer show starting this June. Well, I’m sure there are 15 new lawyer shows on USA that will all be terrible, but I’m talking about the new one on TNT. So far, the promos for Franklin & Bash have been hilarious. I’m excited about the show’s potential. I mean, I’ll probably watch any show with Zack from Saved By The Bell at least once, but between Mark-Paul Gosselaar, one of the Robot Chicken guys, and a producer who worked on Sports Night and The West Wing, I think this should be good scripted television.

I’m psyched for the show — so psyched that I think it’s time to fire up a fictional lawyer contest.

I’ll be needing some nominees to fill out a massive 32-lawyer bracket….

Now, I know that last year the ABA Journal ran a feature on the 25 greatest fictional lawyers. That was fun. But that contest didn’t pit fictional lawyer against fictional lawyer — as I did way back in 2008. And last year’s list left off some notable fictional attorneys. (No Bobby Donnell or Denny Crane? What does David E. Kelley have to do to get some love?)

My 2008 bracket was also limited in scope. This time around, we want more fake lawyers. We want to make Vinny Gambini a 1-seed. We want to include Jackie Chiles (because the late Johnny Cochran has been dead for so long people are starting to forget why it’s funny). We want to see if the recession has had an impact on what we value from our fictional lawyers.

A bracket is only as good as its participants. We have a 32-lawyer field to fill out. And while I watch a lot of television, there are undoubtedly great lawyer caricatures that I’ve missed. Share your fictional lawyer nominees in the comments, or email them to me at

And this summer we will crown the greatest fictional lawyer of all time.

The 25 Greatest Fictional Lawyers (Who Are Not Atticus Finch) [ABA Journal]

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