Non-Sequiturs: 05.02.11

If Scalia could give me a non-circular definition for "Hoosier" I'd be really impressed.

* This has to be one of the best law enforcement images from the past 18 hours. [FBI]

* Twitter had the Bin Laden news before anybody else. But it was also causing jokes to get played out as fast as you could think of them. Still, I had a good night. [Not So Private Parts/Forbes]

* Bin Laden is dead, can we look into getting some of those civil liberties back? [Underdog]

* We’re going to need a name for the people who doubt Osama bin Laden’s death. I’d like to go with “Resurrectors.” [Slate]

* People are making a big deal by about all the clients leaving King & Spalding in the wake of the firm dropping DOMA defense. I’m struck by how many politically charged conservative interests the firm represented. Doesn’t the firm represent any non-lethal widget makers who don’t care what you do with the widget in the privacy of your own bedroom? [WSJ Law Blog]

* The ABA responds to Senator Barbara Boxer’s call to action with words, not deeds. [Law Librarian Blog]

* Raj Rajaratnam has athlete’s foot? Is that a real thing people can get? [Dealbreaker]

* Justice Scalia renames everybody from Wyoming. [Odd Clauses Watch]

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