Non-Sequiturs: 05.24.11

* The family of a Giants fan who was brutally assaulted in the Dodger Stadium parking lot is suing the Dodgers. In related news, I’m trying to organize all of the Mets fans who have been orbitally violated at Citifield this year to take action against the Wilpons. [USAToday / Daily Pitch]

* How to put a summer associate to work for you. [Constitutional Daily]

* Black people who started their own firm and did well are now getting snapped up by Cozen O’Connor. What’s that I smell in the air, the American dream? [Tex Parte Blog]

* Female genital mutilation is bad and should be outlawed, while male genital mutilation is socially acceptable and even even preferable in most situations. Yes, it’s called a double standard. And no, I have no problem with that whatsoever. [Full Disclosure / Forbes]

* Speaking of double standards, my wife didn’t take my name when we married. But I’m cool with it. No really I am. I mean, the next time I’m at a mall carrying around my wife’s lipstick/purse/shopping will be my first time. Antiquated social structures you say? Right on, two can play at that game. [The Careerist]

* The LSAT discriminates against blind people because the logic games require spatial awareness? Dude, if the only way you can puzzle out the games section is by using the silly little diagrams, you might have larger problems. [WSJ Law Blog]

* I’ve seen a lot of talking twin babies stuff, but not one applied to law professors. [Law Librarian Blog]

* White people feel like they are more discriminated against than black people. I’ll give you a joke in a second, but first I want to finish this letter telling the entire United States Senate to go back to Europe or wherever the hell they came from. [Gawker]

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