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Being a ‘Sharp Dresser’ Could Help You Get This Job

Personally, I take a Quinn Emanuel approach to my sartorial choices. I try to not be overly concerned with one’s superficial appearance, and that starts at home.

But I’ve come to learn that people who spend a lot of time with their face up their own ass in front of a mirror are also deeply concerned with how other people look. Whatever, some people care about the character of a man, others care about the starch in his collar.

And if you want this job in Philadelphia, you better be in the latter category…

Here’s the Craigslist post by a Phildelphia attorney who is looking to hire some additional help:

How “sharp” are you really dressing on a $35K salary?

Not that there’s anything wrong with looking for a junior colleague who can contribute to happiness, I’m just not entirely sure the new hire needs to be wearing clothes in order to accomplish that.

Attorney (Philadelphia) [Craigslist]

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