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Caption Contest: Living in a Van, Down By The River

Welcome to the new and improved Above the Law Caption Contest. This time, we won’t just be voting on the most creative captions, we’ll be giving out prizes to the top finishers.

And prizes are exactly what the father of one recent law school graduate needs…

Here is the picture:

The 248 area code. That’s just outside of Detroit. I kind of feel bad for this guy; he’s living in a demilitarized zone of a city, and even though his daughter made it all the way through school he’s still struggling.

If only law schools provided the kind of value that would justify all the time and money people and their families invest to get through the training.

In any event, the rules of the contest are simple. Submit your caption. Make it funny. Lat, Staci, and I will choose the finalists. We’ll vote on the finalists sometime next week.

There is one wrinkle. Instead of putting your captions in the comments, we want you to submit them to us directly using this interface. It’ll make it easier for us to pick the finalists and identify the winners

The top three finishers will receive Above the Law t-shirts, and the respect of his or her peers.

CLICK HERE to enter the contest.

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