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Fictional Lawyer Madness: Round 1, Part 2

John Larroquette

Henry Winkler/Scott Baio

3) Dan Fielding (John Larroquette; Night Court)


6) Barry Zuckerkorn/Bob Loblaw (Henry Winkler/Scott Baio; Arrested Development)

Well, this is the funniest match-up in the first round, right? Where to begin? John Larroquette has made an entire career essentially off of playing Dan Fielding, no matter what role he was in (Dan Fielding as Larry Tribe as White House counsel “Larry Tribbie” in the West Wing was one of my favorites). For years, I’ve wondered how Kelsey Grammer parlayed Frasier Crane into years of steady work, but nobody thought to give Dan Fielding his own show after Nigh Court went off the air. How does that happen? D.A. Dan wouldn’t have worked for a few funny seasons?

You know the best thing about Fielding? In the Night Court set up, he was the prosecutor. He was the guy protecting us from the creeps! God, remember when this country wasn’t so freaking uptight about everything?

Meanwhile, there’s no good way to choose between Barry Zuckerkorn and Bob Loblaw of Arrested Development. Personally, I have a slight preference for Bob Loblaw. Mainly because of the line: “I’ll be honest. You’re a nice girl but you dress like a common whore. And besides, I just can’t go out with a client.” But also “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog” is what some of my non-lawyer friends think I write for everyday.

In the end, I wonder if this vote comes down to whether or not you are old enough to remember Night Court?

Who is your favorite character?

  • Barry Zuckerkorn/Bob Loblaw (54%, 684 Votes)
  • Dan Fielding (46%, 572 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,256

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