Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.06.11

Patti LaBelle (via Getty Images).

* “One man’s evil empire is another’s home team.” Working for Darth Skadden can make a lawyer switch to the dark side pretty quickly. The Sith must have great benefits. [New York Times]

* It’s more often that you find illegal immigrants waiting for you at Home Depot than illegal paint. [Los Angeles Times]

* Lawmakers in Connecticut make history with their mandate for paid sick days. Apparently they aren’t reading Jay Shepherd’s column — that, or they’re just spiteful. [Hartford Courant]

* You know, it’s hard out here for a pimp, especially when the California Supreme Court expects hos to sign non-compete agreements. [San Francisco Chronicle]

* An important memo for all bros: if you think you can sue Patti LaBelle and get away with it, you’re wrong. You will be sent into active duty. [New York Daily News]

* I, too, would be traumatized after trying to give a deer a pearl necklace. [New York Post]

* Sean Kingston may have to pay a fine for crashing in a manatee zone. This would provide more fodder for the commentariat if he had crashed in a walrus zone. [Digital Spy]

* In soviet Russia Florida, homeowner forecloses on you! What sweet, sweet justice it must be for a foreclosure defense attorney to have had a hand in this debacle. [Daily Mail]

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