Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.09.11

* Paul Clement laid down the law, or lack thereof, when it came to yesterday’s oral arguments on Obamacare in the Eleventh Circuit. [Reuters]

* “Hey, I have some cases that could exonerate your client, and you have a law firm job for my nephew. Wanna trade?” Best conflict of interest case ever. [Los Angeles Times]

* Americans like revenge a little bit too much. A public tar and feathering isn’t enough for our sleazy politicians. We have to legally lambaste them, too. [NPR]

* An Ohio judge has put the pervy masses on red alert about free upskirts at the county courthouse. Ladies, you may want to break out the GPs for motion sessions there. [Columbus Dispatch]

* Um, Mississippi, did you not get the memo? You were supposed to stop putting black kids in chains almost like 150 years ago. [Times-Picayune]

* Geriatric Florida lawyers want to exchange all pleadings on the email. In a place known for its technological deficiencies, this could be kind of dangerous awesome. [Sun Sentinel]

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