Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.10.11

Mascot for a lost generation?

* Alabama’s new immigration law is hardcore, but may lead to an uptick in employment prospects. Those tomatoes aren’t going to pick themselves, you know. [Reuters]

* This New York fire department proves that if your career involves sliding down poles, you may as well cup some balls in the process. [Gothamist]

* Apparently, if you try to womanize tall, young, hot nymphs on the state’s dime, you may be entitled to civil immunity. [Green Bay Press Gazette]

* But if you’re a lowly furniture store manager, sneaking up on a co-worker and bopping her on the head with your d*ck falls outside the scope of your employment. [ABA Journal]

* I just saved 15% on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of an accident. I committed a violent felony, too, but who cares about tutti-frutti details like that. [CNN Justice]

* Is the Lost Generation suffering from Jan Brady syndrome? Probably. We certainly bitch and whine and moan enough about being neglected. [WSJ Law Blog]

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