Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.14.11

* Because Governor Cuomo hasn’t signed New York’s new ethics bill yet, members of the executive and legislative branches still have time to send crotchal TwitPics without consequence. [Wall Street Journal]

* With a two-week leave of absence, however, Anthony Weiner’s time may be coming really soon. And in spite of Weinergate, I still think he was super sexy defending the 9/11 healthcare bill. [Los Angeles Times]

* In case you had any lingering doubts, DOMA is still unconstitutional. Come on, just let these poor guys be poor together jointly. [Poliglot / Metro Weekly]

* The Third Circuit has cleared the way for angsty teens to post “parody” profiles of their teachers online. Oh, the fun I could’ve had back in high school with today’s technology. Now I feel old. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

* Yesterday, a children’s book author from Brooklyn was deplaned after dropping a bomb before takeoff. What kind of bomb? An f-bomb. How quickly can the airline defuse this incoming lawsuit? [Reuters]

* The CRR is fighting a Texas abortion law that was allegedly based on the stereotype that women are too stupid and immature to make decisions. I guess everything’s bigger in Texas, except for women’s brains. [Dallas Morning News]

* Teresa Giudice has proven time and again that you just don’t mess with girls from Jersey. But is getting sprayed in the face with champagne worthy of a lawsuit these days? [Washington Post]

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