Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.15.11

* According to this lawsuit, a medical license is just a free pass to steal people’s time and money. Clearly, the way around this is to bill the doctor for your time and then sue when he refuses to pay. [MSNBC]

* Former lieutenant Daniel Choi will go to trial this August for his White House DADT protest. Man, I love a guy in uniform. Too bad this one loves other guys sans uniform. [Poliglot / Metro Weekly]

* The Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstated Governor Walker’s controversial union law on the same day the Senate approved carrying concealed weapons. These people really aren’t communicating with each other, are they? [New York Times; Reuters]

* Trying to get ABA accreditation is a little like playing Press Your Luck. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, stop! Elon got lucky yesterday, too. [The Business Journal]

* UND School of Law got its first woman dean, well, ever. I figured she’d look like the farmer chick from American Gothic, but I was pleasantly surprised. [The Republic]

* The King of Pop’s got legal troubles from beyond the grave. Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Jackson, but I don’t need to smell like him (or like a child toucher, as my boyfriend noted). [New York Daily News]

* The Winklevii just… won’t… die! Well, their legal claims won’t, at least. All litigation in the Facebook lawsuit is now on hold pending a plea to the Supreme Court for intervention. [Bloomberg]

* These are the 33 reasons why normal humans love summer in New York City — but, for lawyers, some of these luxuries just don’t exist. That, or we’re too cynical to acknowledge them anymore. [Village Voice]

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