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Should You Be A Lawyer? Ask A Four-Year-Old.

Atticus Finch was a heroic (albeit fictional) lawyer.

Unlike some of my fellow writers here at Above the Law, I don’t have anything against the legal profession or law school. I don’t have regrets about going to law school myself, and I believe it can be the correct decision for some (even many) people. See my prior post, In Defense of Going to Law School.

Even though it’s no longer my full-time occupation, I also don’t have a problem with the practice of law. Practicing law can be a noble calling, and it can also be financially rewarding. The work of a lawyer is often intellectually challenging and personally fulfilling. In the words of Scott Greenfield, “There is enormous satisfaction, value, to serving our clients. There is great satisfaction in ending a day knowing that someone is better off for your having been there.”

So I’m not a “law hater.” To quote the winning entry from this year’s Law Revue contest, I Like the Law.

But even I, despite my favorable feelings towards lawyers and the legal profession, couldn’t help chuckling at what one four-year-old girl had to say about becoming a lawyer….

All you need to know about this short (under 90 seconds), incredibly cute video is contained in the YouTube tagline: “The four-year-old niece of a recent Harvard Law School graduate gives her thoughts on his occupation.”

When I first watched it, I thought the ending could have been more clever or snappy. But the more I thought about it, the more I appreciated the final line’s unintentional brilliance.

Enjoy — and pass along to your friends. Right now the video has fewer than 50 views. Surely it deserves more!

Career Advice [YouTube]
4 Year Old’s Advice to HLS Grad [Constitutional Daily]

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