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The Power Gays Of New York

Christine Quinn

As we all await a vote on gay marriage in New York, the New York Observer came out with a wonderful list: the 50 most powerful gay people in New York. They’ve called them “power gays,” and that, my friends, is just fun to say. Here, I’ll use it in a scene.

OLD GUY: Is that guy over there… a gay?
ELIE: No. He’s a POWER gay.

The number one most powerful gay person in New York is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. That makes sense. Christine Quinn could well be the next mayor of New York City, and unlike other potential NYC mayoral candidates, she doesn’t have a penis that can be photographed and disseminated over Twitter.

But, more relevant for our purposes, the power gays include a number of lawyers….

There are a number of power-gay lawyers, according to the NYO. The kids will want to become familiar with Peter Lyons. He’s the managing director of Leeds Private Equity, the firm that recently acquired Bar/Bri.

You can certainly be a powerful gay man or woman and make it in Biglaw. Check out the profiles of Marc Wolinsky of Wachtell Lipton, or Lisa Linsky of McDermott Will & Emery.

And, of course, there’s Ken Mehlman, the recently out of the closet, powerfully gay Republican strategist. I guess we’ll see if his newfangled Republican gay is more powerful than old-school donkey gay over the next election cycle.

There are also some power-gay judges on the list: U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts and District Court nominee Paul Oetken, both of the S.D.N.Y. So those two can look forward to having their judgments questioned by raging homophobes. Hopefully they’re powerful enough to overcome the bigotry.

Fifty power gays, and we’re very close to gay marriage in New York. It most definitely does get better, for gays and lesbians and all lovers of civil rights.

The New Power Gays: NYC’s Top 50 [New York Observer]

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