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Casey Anthony: The Sentence

First, I just want you all to know that I hate you guys for making me follow this story. Seriously, I even wrote wrote a song about it.

Anyway, Casey Anthony has been sentenced for lying to the cops. She’s getting four years. BUT, she’s getting credit for her time already served. That means she could be out by late July or August.

I’ll now pause for you to express your collective outrage….

I expect that non-lawyers have already started screaming: WHERE’S THE JUSTICE FOR CAYLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes. We’re all so very sad that a cute little baby has been taken from us.

But I expect lawyers and people with a modicum of legal training to at least be able think about “the justice for Casey Anthony.” Look, the jury found her “not guilty,” but that doesn’t mean I have to believe that she’s “innocent.”

I just fail to see the outrageous miscarriage of justice here. Was the trial unfair or rigged in some way? Was the jury tampered with? Was there some kind of “smoking gun” evidence that prosecutors were not allowed to present in front of the jury? No? Then STFU, please. The lady beat the rap. It happens. Doesn’t “I’d rather see ten stone-cold baby killers go free than one innocent mother go to jail” ring a bell to anybody around here?

Our system is designed to protect innocent people, and if that means that every now and again a person people think is guilty walks, so be it. You don’t like it? Move to Singapore. I’m sure over there a person like Casey Anthony would be in… oooh, I just saw you jaywalk — BRING OUT THE CANE!

I mean, if you listen closely today, you’re going to hear people acting like she shouldn’t get credit for time served. Time served, people. That’s time the woman served while waiting to be tried for a crime a jury of her peers did not convict her of. Of course she should get credit for that! The government took away her freedom on the suspicion that she did something that they weren’t able to prove that she did.

Look, I’m not trying to defend Casey Anthony. I’m not that crazy. I’m just trying to say: “Nothing is f**ked here, dude.”

Casey Anthony gets four years in jail with credit for time served [CNN]

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