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Feeling Hot Hot Hot: From NYU LLM Student to Beauty Queen

Foreign LLM students are often like Rodney Dangerfield: they don’t get no respect. American-born JD candidates make fun of LLMs: their awkwardness, their accents, their ignorance of U.S. customs, and their repeated references to life and law in their home countries (“Back on Mypos, we don’t have contributory negligence….”).

Well, next time you want to make fun of an LLM student, check yourself. That LLM student might be the future president of his country — like Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian president who earned an LLM at Columbia Law School.

Or, better yet, that LLM student might be the most beautiful woman out of 600,000,000. The nation of India has a population of around 1.2 billion — and a former LLM student at NYU Law School was just crowned Miss India, making her that country’s #1 specimen of womanhood. Eat your heart out, Reema Bajaj.

The new Miss India’s name is Vasuki Sunkavalli. Let’s check her out, shall we?

Vasuki Sunkavalli

Behold Vasuki Sunkavalli, the recently crowned Miss India. A former NYU classmate describes her as “hot, smart and fun.” She received her LLM from NYU last year, as you can see from her LinkedIn profile.

And last weekend she received an even more coveted credential: the crown of Miss India. Reports The Hindu:

Vasuki Sunkavalli is crowned Miss India 2011 and will be competing for the Ms Universe title in August in Brazil. Relaxed and set to come to [her home city of] Hyderabad, Vasuki says, “The feeling has sunk in well and I am little relaxed now, though I am preparing for the Ms Universe pageant. At the moment I am looking forward to coming to Hyderabad to meet my family and friends.”

She exudes the confidence that one would expect from a former NYU law student:

Talking about her ‘on-stage’ experience while the second and first runner’s up were being declared Vasuki says, “I entered the contest like a winner. So didn’t prepare myself to lose. I cannot say what exactly my feeling were when the runner’s up title were being declared. When I was declared Ms India, I was only more than pleased and thankful. I don’t remember who I spoke to after coming down from the stage, but when I could get hold of my cell phone, I called my dad.”

Like a good lawyer, Vasuki Sunkavalli understands the importance of preparation. From the Indo-Asian News Service:

When asked [what] she needs to work on for the main [Miss Universe] competition, Vasuki said: “The top priority for me is physical fitness. People would disagree with me, but I believe that I speak well, but as far as my overall grooming goes, the most I need is in the physical fitness department. Not that I’m fat, I’m quite toned and I’m an athlete. But still….”

Despite the stereotype of the fat ‘n frumpy lawyer, there’s actually a long history of law students and lawyers excelling at beauty pageants. We have every confidence in Sunkavalli’s ability to do well down in Brazil.

Good luck, Vasuki! We’ll be rooting for you. So go out and win that respect — not just for yourself, but for LLM students around the world.

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